Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Release!

My first release was inspired by a little fender bender I had while backing out of a parking space at our local mall. I had been working all day in the crush of the Holiday season. I waited patiently as a car went past behind me and then I slowly started to back out. The young woman who had just drove past, while talking on her cell phone, slammed on her breaks suddenly and backed up without ever looking behind her. Unfortunately for her she backed right into my car, mind you I was only two feet out of my spot. Luckily she left only a scuff mark on my car. But the story took off from there, I wrote it months later and it evolved into Kris and Mark's story. While my temper is nowhere near Kris's, I did explain the hazards of driving while talking on your cell to the young girl. ;)

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